C&C cage fleece liners


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Fleece cage liners are often used in C&C cages, especially for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits or hedgehogs, because they provide a soft and comfortable surface. They are absorbent, helping to wick away moisture and keep the cage dry. Additionally, fleece liners are reusable and environmentally friendly compared to disposable bedding options. They also reduce dust and can be customized to fit the cage, making them a practical and economical choice for pet owners.

Our C&C cage fleece liners are made using high quality anti-pil polar fleece on the top and bottom of the liners with a layer of thick polyester wadding sewn between the fleece layers. Anti-pil fleece won’t bobble and become less effective over time: the fleece wicks liquid away better after multiple washes.

All of our liners are hand made in the UK by an experienced and skilled upholsterer.

We recommend buying two sets so you have a spare while one set is washed.
All Liners are Machine Washable on a 30 Degree Wash & Dry Naturally, Do Not Tumble Dry.

Our liners are made specially to fit our C&C cages.

C&C cage fleece liners


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