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  • Deborah Tonks
    Super quick delivery, communication was amazing I had so many different ideas of set ups and they gave me about 3 different quote in the end till I decided to go with my first choice.. So easy to assemble and piggies love it.. We also went for a stand the storage space is ace.. I love our setup and piggies do too, brilliant service would recommend to anyone.
    Deborah Tonks
  • Toni
    My 2 Guinea pigs love the cage especially with the upstairs. Excellant idea for indoors they have the freedom to run about in there own space. Definately recommend to others
  • Matilda
    Buying this cage was the best decision I ever made! My pigs had lived in a small 2 story hutch for 2 years and as soon as they were in this c and c cage they were miles happier. It is so easy to clean and was very easy to put together. I would definitely recommend getting this cage!
  • Pia
    This is the 3rd time I’ve ordered from C&C cages and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I started with a 4x2 and have added on with grids and correx to extend the cage. The quality of the products always very high and the customer service is exceptional! Thanks again
  • Emily
    I brought a 2x4 cage with a 1x2 loft a few months ago now. My piggys really love the amount of space that they have and enjoy charging about. Having a stand for the cage really makes a difference. I would purchase from you again.
  • Natasha
    I have bought from this site before when I adopted my first two piggies, the size and affordability of the cage really amazed me. I knew when I adopted two more boys, I had to get a C&C cage for them. When I adopted Crumpet and Oatie I was told they couldn’t live together because they fight, but the cage they had was TINY! I ordered them the 2x5, and they love it, enough room to stay away but also interact if they want. They haven’t fought since I’ve had them. If you want happy and healthy piggies, go for C&C, especially from Angela, super affordable, easy to construct, well made, honestly can’t praise these cages enough.
  • Hayley Goddard
    I have two sets of pigs, two boys and a boy and a girl. As they can’t be in the same cage together trying to find options for two cages that can be stacked safely and are large enough is tricky. I got a 4x2 stacking cage each with a 1x2 loft and I cannot be happier with how they’ve turned out. They love the amount of space they have and are out of their hides and popcorning so much more than they used to. These cages are so much more suited to their needs than store bought cages and definitely a good investment on my part
    Hayley Goddard
  • Charoltte
    I have now ordered two cages from this site in less than a month! After ordering a 2x6 cage for my first pair of boars and seeing what an amazing difference a C&C cage can make, I decided to order an additional cage for my other two boars. The boys are very much enjoying the large amount of space they have now, and it is lovely to see how happy they are in their new homes. Highly recommend these cages to anyone needing more space for their piggies!
  • Robyn
    I have been admiring C&C cages for a long time, but the hassle of finding the grids and correx was putting me off. C and C Guinea Pig Cages have made it so easy and at such an affordable price. My guinea pigs are so happy now that they have the space that they require. Have recommended this website to my local rescue and all my friends&family!
  • Julie
    We had a standard pet shop cage for our 2 piggies but they quickly grew out of it. I spent ages looking at other cages in pet shops but none of them seemed suitable, all of them were too small. I then came across c and c cages and knew it would be perfect after reading reviews, looking at the sizes and how you can pretty much build it as you want and extend at any time. I have to say, it is one of the best things we have bought!!!! I’m so happy and can not recommend these cages enough. It has made SUCH a difference to our piggies, they seem happier and were very quickly popcorn jumping, purring, and regularly lying down spread out, super chilled and relaxed. They are much easier to clean and interact with. Angela, who I dealt with is very helpful and the delivery was quick too. If you are thinking of getting one, just do it, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Angela!
  • Joanne Davenport
    I ordered a 2x5 C&C cage with a purple insert and 1x2 loft. The room my three girls now have is unbelievable - I should have ordered one a long time ago... like other reviews, the girls are running, jumping and popcorning all over the place and it is a joy to see. The delivery was quick, communication was great and the cages are so easy to put together. If you have guinea pigs, bin your shop bought cage and invest in a C&C cage from here, your Winnie's will love you for it!
    Joanne Davenport
  • Mandeep
    I heard of c and c cages from the US and was very happy to see them now available in the UK. The cages are fantastic, roomy and airy. The openness means you can watch your guinea pigs and more importantly they can see you come and go. Originally I bought the cages for wintering our pair but when it was spring we couldn't bring ourselves to put them back in the dim hutch. On a practical note the framework approach means you can deconstruct for summer or transport. The website service was excellent. All items are high quality and well packaged.

Professionally cut

4mm correx liners scored with 15cm sides for less mess & NEW push fit rivets.

Safe 35cm grids

Strong 9x9 hole grids.

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C&C cages are much larger than shop bought cages, providing greater space for exercise, which promotes healthier, happier, popcorning guinea pigs.


We are the only UK based company offering:

- a wide selection of cages = fast shipping / easy returns.

- complete sheets of 4mm thick correx with 15cm sides =  sturdy & less mess

- competitive prices with a promise to price match

- bespoke cage options to create a cage for your space

- push fit rivets to secure the correx neatly

- small family run UK business with excellent customer service 😊

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C&C Guinea Pig Cage kits include correx scored and cut to size


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