C&C cages are larger than most shop bought cage and meet the recommended space requirement for guinea pigs. 2×4 (149cm x 77cm ) refers to the number of grids not “ft” The internal and external measurements are shown next to each cage description.

Correx is the trademark name for a popular manufacturer of this plastic material. It’s used widely in outdoor signage as it’s waterproof and can withstand the elements. It’s food-safe, reusable and recyclable. This makes it perfect for use in a guinea pig cage.

Our standard grids are 35.5cm square, giving 9 holes by 9 holes with openings of 37mm. Some 35.5cm grids on the market are of the unsafe variety with 8 holes by 8 holes, leaving larger and unsafe openings.

Yes all our cage kits come complete with 4mm thick correx with 15cm high sides, which is professionally cut and scored to the exact dimensions of the cage.

The majority of baby guinea pigs are fine in C&C cages because the correx walls are 15cm high. However there are several ways to baby proof a cage until they have grown.
You can:
Extend the height of the correx walls to block access to the grids Reduce the inner grid hole openings by by overlapping standard grids.

You only need a lid for you cage if you need to keep children, cat or dogs out of the cage. Guinea pigs aren’t climbers.

When you order and loft and lid, you will receive a low loft which sits within the standard cage walls. The lid will cover the entire cage.

Our nibble guards are designed to help prevent the guinea pigs from chewing on the correx edge. They slide over the top edge of the correx. Chewing the cage edges is often a sign of boredom or needing something to chew. You can minimise this by providing a large cage with a variety of toys and ample grass hay.

Most guinea pigs soon start exploring the ramp. The height of the ramp can be adjusted by lowering the loft if necessary. Our ramps are reinforced and have a non-slip surface.

You can add lofts, stands, lids and extend your cage in the future.

We sell the complete cage kits with correx liners. With care the liner should last indefinitely. We can only supply replacement liners to previous customers.

The cages cannot be used outside. We do not recommend housing guinea pigs outdoors and many rescue centres stipulate, in their rehoming agreement, that guinea pigs must be kept indoors. We do have outdoor runs which allow supervised outdoor exploration in mild weather. They are collapsible for easy storage.

Normal pet safe cleaners can be used to clean the cage. White vinegar diluted 50/50 with water is also suitable.

Many people like to use fleece liners in their C&C cages. These need to be washed and dried at least 3 times with mild detergent before use. DO NOT use fabric softener as this will prevent the urine from soaking away. You need two layers of something under the fleece to absorb the wee. It’s best to use old towels, puppy training pads or mattress pads.

Alternatively you can use wood shavings ( not sawdust as this is too dusty ) and hay.

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