Stacking Cages

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One of the most notable features of C&C cages is their ability to be stacked vertically. This allows you to maximize floor space by placing multiple cages on top of each other, creating a multi-level living environment for your guinea pigs. Stacking cages can be particularly beneficial if you have limited space or who want to keep multiple guinea pigs in separate enclosures while still conserving space.

C&C modular indoor guinea pig cages can be combined to create a stacking cage to suit your space. Perfect for housing two herds of guinea pigs that need to be kept separate. Alternatively you could have house rabbits in the bottom cage and guinea pigs in the top. Have a large herd that all get along? Why not create one large multi-level cage by adding a loft in the middle and an extra ramp so the top and bottom cages are linked? Add a cage stand to raise the cage from the floor and protect your pets from drafts. A cage lid can be added to protect your guinea pigs from other pets. Create more variety by expanding your cage upwards with a 1×2 or 2×2 loft. For babies under 6 months, we recommend baby-proofing your cage, see our FAQs for more info.

If you’re stuck for space these stacking guinea pig cages are a great solution! Sold as TWO of each cage.
Looking for some guinea pig cage bedding? Our fleece liners are a great reusable, environmentally friendly option!

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