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C and C Guinea Pig Cages
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 321 reviews
by Charlotte on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent buy

Ordered our customed built cage for our piggy. Delivery was quick , the cage is lovely and big. The purple is bright on colour and awesome quality. Step by step guide to build. My pigs love it and was popcorning every where. Defo worth buying nd i will defo be back to expand on their cage

by Alex H on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent Product And Service.

Great service, really speedy delivery and quality product. Definitely recommend!

by Tina Batt on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent 2x4 Cage

I have just put together my 2x4 guinea pig cage and it’s excellent!! So easy to put together! We also bought the stand. The cage part is in the baby bars design and the stand is the normal sized bars. We also bought 4 boxes to go under the cage and the whole thing looks stunning!! I wish I could supply a piccy as I’m so pleased with it. Well worth the money and excellent value.

by Christian on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Pleasantly Surprised

Reading the size of each square, I thought the 6x2 was going to be too small for our 7 boys, but there is plenty of space for them to run around.

The cage was extremely easy to put together, and once the bottom piece was put in, the whole thing settled and is very sturdy. Not even the big boy can move it now.

They are happy, I am happy and I'm excited to get more accessories over time.

by Amber Western on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Happy Piggies

After doing a ton of research we decided to buy the complete kit for a 2x5 cage. The website has been clear and helpful as have the emails between Angela and Jason. The pieces were delivered today as were two picture emails clearly showing how to put 5he loft on and the roof. I have also been chatting to Angela and Jason who have offered sage advice. Having put the cage, stand and loft together using an endless supply of cable ties we have a palace for our boys and they love it. The instructions were clear, the panels were not hard to put together, you get everyrhing you need in the boxes, I added more cable ties myself and bull dog clips. Ideally you need two people especially with a 6ft house!!! Result two happy guinea pigs running amock!!

by Deborah Tonks on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
6x2 With 2x2 Loft

Super quick delivery, communication was amazing I had so many different ideas of set ups and they gave me about 3 different quote in the end till I decided to go with my first choice.. So easy to assemble and piggies love it.. We also went for a stand the storage space is ace.. I love our setup and piggies do too, brilliant service would recommend to anyone.

by Natalie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4 Fat Pigs

The cage is fab and the girls ( even though their fat) still like to run about everywhere. I've gone from having a double tier and a single store pet store cage, to this all in the space of a year and a bit. Only UK site that I know sells all the bits and pieces together aswell. Thanks very much 😊

by Margaret on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent Cages/Service

We looked online at different types of cages before deciding on C & C type. Angela and Jason’s seemed too simple to believe there weren’t other companies out there doing the same thing - there isn’t! Probably because they can’t better the product or service you get from “C and C cages”. Our first two rescue piggies got a cage with a loft which was great as they did need time alone for the first few months, but when we rescued our next piggie we thought they could all share together. Sadly it wasn’t to be, but it did mean we got a chance to buy from Angela and Jason again. Can’t recommend highly enough!!

by Freyda on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Fast delivery and happy piggies, could not ask for better 😍

by Katie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent Service!

Great seller communicative and my cage arrived quickly. Handling of delivery was brilliant, excellent customer service all round! The cage is sturdy and easy to build. I definitely recommend buying a C&C cage from here.

by Lisa on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Happy Piggies

Great service and product. We've bought a couple of cages from here now, delivery and email communication always prompt. Got some happy guinea pigs here.

by Helen Parkin on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Product

Ordered a 5x2 with a 2x2 loft, extremely pleased we did. Excellent service, dispatch and delivery were quick, good communication from seller, easy to assemble. Once up it is sturdy and spacious, much better than other offerings on the market. I'm sure our two adopted piggies are going to love it!

by Paige on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Ordered a 5x2 with a 2x2 loft and my piggies love it! Arrived quickly and slots together perfectly. Definitely recommend and wouldn't hesitate to buy again!

by Anna Dobbe on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Very Pleased.

First time order, good communication given to understand what I was ordering, it needed a bit of time to figure out all the bits but once worked out it went together easily. Was worried they would not use the loft but they love the cage and are up and down to the loft all the time very happy piggies. Fab services thank you.

by Leah on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Just bought a 2x4 with 2 1x2 lofts. It’s amazing. All cut to size perfectly. Took me some time to put together as I have never done it before but it looks great! I’d recommend anyone to get one of these. Worth every penny and VERY sturdy - thank you guys!!

by Brett Leatherland on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

First time ordering a c and c cage. Went up relatively easy( except for a few niggles, entirely our fault lol) loads of space for our two boys. Great service as well.

by Toni on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Happy Piggies

My 2 Guinea pigs love the cage especially with the upstairs. Excellant idea for indoors they have the freedom to run about in there own space. Definately recommend to others

by Stephanie Rozier on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

I ordered a 5x2 C and C cage with a 2x2 loft and stand. It arrived with absolutely everything needed & a good set of instructions. It went together so easily & with the cut to size & pre-scored Correx, everything just slotted into place. I haven’t put my piggies in yet at the time I write this but it really is an amazing space for them and I know they are going to love it!!! Thank you !

by Frauke on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Cage

This is my first c and c cage,was easily put together,and thats despite having no diy skills whatsoever.i should have bought this earlier:) very pleased.
Thanks Angela for great customer service,


by Tig on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Piggies New Home

Happy pigs, hopefully they will get used to going upstairs! Lots more space! 🐹🐹

Try putting them upstairs as once they’ve worked out how to get down they often go back up!

by Annabelle on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Absolutely Fantastic

This cage is great, my guinea pig loves having more room to run around in, she seems so much happier! I would definitely recommend this cage to anyone with guineas.

by Penny on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great cage

Really pleased with our new cage. We bought it to keep our piggies indoors in winter and they love it. It was pretty straightforward to put together and the company were a pleasure to deal with . Thank you!

by Daniel moulson on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
I love it the cage

The cage is plenty of room for my to girls they love it as well great service as well definitely ordeing again

by Rebecca on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Brilliant customer service

My partner and I have just adopted two guinea pigs but we needed to have the cage delivered before 6th January, but new orders were being sent out from 2nd January so I was a little concerned it might not arrive in time. I contacted the sellers explaining my situation and Angela replied quickly saying they would make sure it was posted on 2nd to arrive on 4th, it actually ended up being delivered on 3rd! Clear instructions in the pack to assemble the 4x2 cage. Our two new piggies are now in their furever home and very much enjoying their cage.

by Jordan-Leigh Irving on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Absolutely in love with our new 6x2 cage we got for our four boys. Easy to set up and plenty of space for them to run around. Will definitely be using this site again for any other accessories or future cages. Great value as well.

by Susy on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Correx extension

Having had some grids over I ordered some correx to extend my existing 5 x 2 cage and make it into an L-shape. Order process was very easy, I was kept updated about the order status and it didn't take long to arrive. My three piggies are very happy!

by Matt on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Very Pleased

We bought the 5x2 with loft and lid for our 3 guinea pigs. It looks like plenty of room for 3 pigs to me.

They like going up into the loft as well as hiding under it when one of the kids shout!

Ordered on Saturday night (I know!!) and it arrived the following Saturday morning. It didn't take long to put together.

by Nancy on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Outstanding cage!

Just assembled my 2x4 stacking cage with a 2x2 loft for my boars, they are absolutely loving the space! The cage also looks modern and fits in with the room it’s located in. Instructions were very clear and helpful, if I ever need another cage I will definitely be buying from here again!

by Julie Buglass on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing space

We have just built our 6 by 4 cage with 2 foot loft for our boys. It is amazing. We did buy the lidded version, but exchanged it for the stand instead of the lid. Angela was really helpful with the exchange. Our guineapigs love the huge space they have now.
I definitely recommend this kind of cage and wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again.
Thank you Angela for your assistance

Julie and Iain

by Kerri Cooper on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Lots of space!

Great communication from sellers and quick dispatch, great instructions and easy to put together. Luna and Cookie absolutely love this cage, they've been in it 2 days now and they run round and round!!! They're still wary of the ramp, but it's possibly because they're still very young and they probably need some sort of shelter upstairs so they don't feel vulnerable, which I will buy this week for them, and will try the carpet on the ramp too. They've both been up once but that's it up to now, I'm sure they'll love it once they feel more confident! Great buy and can highly recommend c and c Guinea pig cages!!! Xx

by Bernadette (Maliki) on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Guinea Pig Tastic

Bought a 6x2 cage for my four boars they love it. I'll definitely be purchasing again in the future. Thank you from me, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Lucifer 😊 Highly recommend

by Kirsty on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
2x3 C & C Cage with loft

Great cage, arrived really promptly with the delivery company (who listened to my delivery requests!) Had a little bit of trouble attaching the loft ramp but with a bit of trial and error got it up and I love the look of it - will hopefully fleece the inside soon. Fab, thank you!!

by Emily on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Very quick dispatch and very happy with service I have been given.

by Matilda on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Best decision I ever made

Buying this cage was the best decision I ever made! My pigs had lived in a small 2 story hutch for 2 years and as soon as they were in this c and c cage they were miles happier. It is so easy to clean and was very easy to put together. I would definitely recommend getting this cage!

by Katy on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C&C cage

Wow what a fantastic cage! I cannot tell you how happy my three guinea pigs are in it! Popcorning and chirping galore!! Easy to assemble. They have so much room now, am delighted with the cage! Would 100% recommend buying from this company - great communication and swift delivery. The perfect experience! Go on treat your piggies you will not be disappointed! Thank you 🙂 p.s pop some carpet on the ramp if yours don’t like it - this worked a treat and now the three of them happily run up and down.

by Sharon on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
awesome cage

So glad to find this site and be able to buy a complete kit for an awesome cage. Easy assembly, and my guinea pigs absolutely love it. Worth every penny! I got the nibble guards later after realising they were available - definitely recommend getting them to prevent your piggies from chewing the plastic.

by Danielle on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Was very easy to assemble when I initially got my first c and c cage for two piggies. Then rearranged the cage to suit 4 piggies and contacted the company about different size and they were very willing to accommodate very pleased with this company. If I’m need know where to shop again for a cage

by Josephine Nicholls on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and C cage.

Easy to ensemble, everything arrived, came with instructions, easy clean, spacious, plus Jasper and Jacob love their new home, go up and down the ramp with ease, they have been pop corning. Had a problem with the delivery which was a fault on my part, the company really did their best to help sort it out, will use them again.

by jan wakeman on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
great cage lots of room

Set up cage today, plenty of space for Elvis and Marley. Bigger than we thought which is good as we werent sure if 3x2 would be big enough.and good quality too. Easy to put together. Definately recommend c & c cages.

by Graeme on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4 by 2 stacking cage

Amazing product. Great service and easy to build. Very competitive prices.

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