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Brilliant C&C

I ordered a 3x2 cage, as I knew I was getting new piggies. I got two young boys, who seemed to love the cage, however I wanted it to be bigger! Especially because two young boys going through their teenage stage need all the space they can get. I emailed and asked to get a quote about expanding to a 4x2, which I was giving the price for and it was despatched soon enough. They now have the newly expanded cage which my two piggies are hopping and popcorning around in. Very very happy customer and guinea pigs! Would highly recommend.

by Margaret Clark on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C&C 6x2 cage

Our 6x2 cage arrived today and I was so excited to put it together for our two guinea pigs. Fortunately it was simple to set up so I didn't have to wait too long. Our girls love it and have enjoyed running around and popcorning. I won't feel so guilty now when they can't go outside in their run if the weather is awful like it was today!

Spoilt Piggies

We bought this for our piggies as we'd had to separate them due to fighting, and one receiving wounds. They like to see each other, talk to each other, pinch each others toys and treats they just don't like to be together. This cage was easy to provide them with that. We simply bought a few extra squares and divided the middle. They each have a loft and plenty of space. Its really easy to keep clean and the ramps are designed for piggies, neither has a problem with it. They have plenty of space to play.

Happy piggies

amazing quality , easy to assemble very sturdy but more importantly our boys absolutely love it , popcorning just a few minutes after moving into there new house , , would recommend these to anyone !!!! 5x2 with stand also perfect for storing there things below nice and tidy , love it love it , thank you so much 🙂

C&C 4x2

Purchased 4x2 for our 2 piggies, ordered and delivered within the week -Excellent service and cages is fabulous.I have 2 very happy piggies who will be inside for the winter.Highly recommend cage and Company.

5x2 cage with lid

We love our C&C cage, I had a little trouble with the lid, but once I read the instructions properly it all made perfect sense! As we ended up buying baby guinea pigs I used the cardboard box that the cage came in to add height to the sides to cover the bars until Sugar and Spice are older.It’s amazing how much space they have and after only being home with us a few hours they had made themselves right at home! Would definitely recommend to other GP owners!

Brilliant cage with so much space!

Thanks so much for this cage, it’s so much larger compared to the cage I kept my two piggies in before. They now have plenty of room to scurry around and play. They’ve only been in it for a few hours so they haven’t quite mastered the ramp up to the loft yet.


I bought two C&C cages , 2 x 4 and with lids. I absolutely love them! I have two piggies, one older one younger and the younger one is going through the crazy hormonal stage of his growing up and started getting aggressive towards my other piggie so I got these to enable them to see each other still but avoid any further fights!I found them incredibly easy to build, quick delivery, and it's going to be so much easier to clean out my piggies etc. Now.Both guinea Pigs seem very happy! Love it :)!

Thank You!

My new c&c cage is amazing!! And most importantly both the guinea pigs love it too 🙂 Arrived quickly and easy to put together - the instructions that came with it did really help. Thank You! 🙂

by Helen Fox on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great cage

Cage arrived quickly and good communication. Cage was easy to put together and able adapt it to it fit in my room! My piggies love it too! Thank you x

Amazing, quick and affordable

Super fast delivery on the cage, a little bit fiddly to set up the cage but I didn’t give myself much space when building it so I would recommend making sure you build in a nice open space to allow yourself to move around it. Very sturdy cage, my fiancée was actually able to put her whole weight on it without it giving way (not that I advise doing this regularly, but more than enough to keep your piggies contained. When we put them in they wouldn’t stop running around for at least an hour and I’ve never seen them acting so happily for extended periods of time. Much better value than buying from a pet store as well, I like that they now have plenty of room to run around without having to get them out. Also bought the stand for the cage which puts it at a great height for both kids and adults to be ableTo look in, and doubles up nicely as storage for all their supplies which has freed up a lot of cupboard space for us. Would definitely buy from here again

Fab cage

HiyaJust put together my new C&C cage, we love it!! Easy to put together, looks great in my daughters bedroom and I have never seen our 2 guineas so happy! Within half an hour of going in one of them was racing around, squeaking & popcorning away! Fits perfect in the room. Very happy with purchase. Good e mail communication and delivery from C&C!


Great cage my 2 guinea pigs love it comes quick the only problem i had was with yodel themselves but this is the place to get your c and c cages!!

I brought a 2x4 cage with a 1x2 loft a few months ago now. My piggys really love the amount of space that they have and enjoy charging about. Having a stand for the cage really makes a difference. I would purchase from you again.


Bought the 2x4 cage with a stand and 2x2 loft, delivery was quick and the cage was easy to assemble. It's a cracking cage - our guinea pigs love the space! Angela was really helpful too, won't be going anywhere else if we need another C&C cage.


We needed to expand from a 5x2 to a 6x2 due to getting another piggie so needed bigger corex and more grids, made an enquiry and got a response straight away with price of what i needed, when we received it it was well packed amd arrived in good time, expanded to 6x2 with no problem and inserted new corex and fit perfectly, great service amd would highly recomend.P.S Dont try and scrimp on tie wraps when putting together as it will come back to bite you, use all tie wraps supplied as it makes it very secure.


I couldn’t be happier with my new cage for my two boys. They are loving it! It was so easy to build and quick delivery. Angela was very helpful. Highly recommend.

Amazing product!

Absolutely amazing product. Love my C & C cage for my 3 boars. They seem alot happier in their new bigger home. Fab communication & fast delivery. 👌

by Ross Stewart on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Fab Cage

We rescued 2 piggies from our local Assisi and was recommended to get a C&C cage for them. Angela was super to deal with when we got our 5x2 with a 2x2 loft. Easy built and eaay to keep clean. Highly recommend these cages to everyone. Plus the piggies love all the space.

by Lynn Pester on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Baby Bars

Ordered them wednesday here by Saturday morning so I was delighted with the speedy despatch. Product is great quality. Would recommend this company.

Love it

Ordered the 5x2 with a 2x2 loft. Didn't take me too long to built considering I had my two under twos "helping me" the guinea pigs love it and was popcorning all over. Highly recommend this company, everything you require is included in the order which makes it so straight forward. 5* rating


I have bought from this site before when I adopted my first two piggies, the size and affordability of the cage really amazed me. I knew when I adopted two more boys, I had to get a C&C cage for them. When I adopted Crumpet and Oatie I was told they couldn’t live together because they fight, but the cage they had was TINY! I ordered them the 2x5, and they love it, enough room to stay away but also interact if they want. They haven’t fought since I’ve had them. If you want happy and healthy piggies, go for C&C, especially from Angela, super affordable, easy to construct, well made, honestly can’t praise these cages enough.

by Hayley Goddard on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Best cages ever

I have two sets of pigs, two boys and a boy and a girl. As they can’t be in the same cage together trying to find options for two cages that can be stacked safely and are large enough is tricky. I got a 4x2 stacking cage each with a 1x2 loft and I cannot be happier with how they’ve turned out. They love the amount of space they have and are out of their hides and popcorning so much more than they used to. These cages are so much more suited to their needs than store bought cages and definitely a good investment on my part

Perfect for my guinea pigs!!

My boy guinea pigs started fighting when the couldn’t decide who was more dominant. They had to be separated but they were desperate to be friends so I ordered two cages and joined them together and cut the lining lower where the cages joined. Both boys are happy living together safely with the divide to stop them fighting! I’m hoping I’ll be able to eventually remove the divide. But for the moment this is the perfect solution for my piggies!! Thank you x

Love it!

I got the 3x2 with a 1x2 loft for my two boys and they absolutely love it! I don't have the space for such a large cage but this fits perfectly and is much more bigger and affordable than their previous cage. It didn't take long for the package to arrive and wasn't hard to put up either. I highly recommend the cages from the site and will definitely order again in the future, super glad I can get a c&c cage from the UK.

They Love It!

Had a solo boy who lost his brother. Introduced him to a number of new friends and they now live happily in a larger cage. They've all learnt how to go up the ramp. Space to run + upstairs for food = happy pigs

Fantastic Cage!

Our guinea pigs love their c and c cage so much!We've had it for quite some time now and we as well as our guinea pigs would never go back to a cage from the store (unless there would be a cage like this at the store, which i hope will soon be the case). It arrived quickly, was easy to build up and it was so great to see how much the piggies loved exploring the new cage. They really enjoy life in this cage much more than before.Absolutely worth the money, thanks a lot!

Great Guinea pig cage

We love our new cage. It's open at the top so allows much better access to GPs. It's bigger as we wanted so they have more room to potter. And so easy to can do it with GPs still in there. It can be wiped clean so easily. One thing ...our GPs just won't go up ramp to 2nd level but then they are slightly older & set in their ways!! But overall fabulous all round.

Thanks for your lovely review. Have you tried lowering the loft to encourage them to use the ramp? You could also try putting them in the loft first as once they’ve gone down the ramp they are usually happy to go up.....

by Katharine on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C & C cages - Fantastic Cages

Excellent service, helpful and super friendly. Guinea pigs love the cages, proof with lots of pop corning! Cages will eventually wrap around the whole room as all present cages are being converted to C & C.

by T.Mienkowski on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great big cage

Fast delivery, great cage. Cage is easy to set up. Fast cleaning. My guinea pigs feel very comfortable in the new C & C Cage.

Great size!

Super fast delivery and easy instructions to put together a 2x4 cage!. My two boars absolutely love it - so much more space than their last cage and will be easy to extend if the time comes. They’ve always had issues using shop bought ramps, but they use this one without any problems! Would highly reccommend!

by Charlotte on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and C cage

I have now ordered two cages from this site in less than a month! After ordering a 2x6 cage for my first pair of boars and seeing what an amazing difference a C&C cage can make, I decided to order an additional cage for my other two boars. The boys are very much enjoying the large amount of space they have now, and it is lovely to see how happy they are in their new homes. Highly recommend these cages to anyone needing more space for their piggies!

by Susan Quinn on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C&C cage

Very happy with the c&c cage, I paid extra for baby bars which I havn't seen anywhere else. Very good service and am thinking of buying a loft extension.

Happy Piggies

Very fast delivery, recieved my custom order in a day! Also very reasonably priced cheapest I have found for c and c cages in the Uk so would highly recomend.

Great for the guinea pigs

My two guinea pigs are much happier in their C&C cage. They have much more room to move around and having the loft means they can have even more space. Definitely better that the cage we had before which was a standard pet shop one.

4x2 with a 2x2 loft

Amazing cage! I absolutely love it as do my boys! They have lots of space and had no issues with the ramp. We love to watch them running around. It makes interacting with them easier too.


Very helpful when contacted. Plus fast delivery. My piggies love their new home. Thank you!

Best cages ever!

I have been admiring C&C cages for a long time, but the hassle of finding the grids and correx was putting me off. C and C Guinea Pig Cages have made it so easy and at such an affordable price. My guinea pigs are so happy now that they have the space that they require. Have recommended this website to my local rescue and all my friends&family!

by Charlotte on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
2x6 cage

Perfect, thank you! My two boys have a huge amount of space now, and it is lovely to see them so happy. I hope to order another for my other two boars.

Exactly the pen I needed for My Little Sausage Pants and Lenny Herbert Sherbet...

Being a new piggier owner I was bamboozled by all the cage options as I wanted to upgrade the existing cage to something much larger. I'm so grateful when I found this site - everything clicked in to place. The site is easy to use, I knew what I needed and delivery was fast and efficient.
I have two extremely happy guinea pigs...wheeking as soon as they went into their new pen. It's easy to clean and sturdy enough. Assembly is super easy - took two of us about 15 minutes to do. And no the piggies didn't help - just sat watching, wondering what was going on 🙂

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Ellie Farmer (Thursday, June 12 14 06:55 pm BST)
Our 2 x 4 cage was delivered on Monday and is going down a storm with the two girls. Order was acknowledged within minutes and communication was received throughout, including notification of day of delivery. Additional request for extra correx (I wanted a separate hay room) was met with ease at a small additional cost. The whole thing was set up in about 10 minutes – could rate this business any better 🙂

Nick (Wednesday, June 11 14 02:52 pm BST)
I was very impressed with the speedy delivery!
I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon.
My 3 Guinea’s love their new home, I’ve never seen them so happy! ^.^
The service from this site was top notch, the quality of the cage is top notch and the delivery was speedy!
Overall I’m impressed!
Thank you!!

penny (Friday, June 06 14 12:03 am BST)
really happy that there selling the c&c cages in guinea pig are in wood cage at the moment will be so please when I put in c&c cage its so much better more room better all round look nice too and cleaner too. Cheap too.thanks so much for deciding to sell here .

Jenny (Thursday, June 05 14 10:05 pm BST)
Love my c&c cage. Bought it last month and couldn’t be happier and my guinea pigs love it. Bought a 2×4 with a loft and stand…my two elderly girls dont use the loft, so i now use it for storage. The stand is also good for storage under the cage. Am very pleased 😀

Jade Sy (Tuesday, June 03 14 10:30 pm BST)
I ordered the 2×3 cage grids with the stand and I am very happy with the order and so are my guineapigs, it is bigger then expected and very spacies. The service was really good and the delivery was quick! Would recommend this to anyone and is definantly worth the money!

jo (Monday, June 02 14 03:32 pm BST)
Very happy with our 2×5 cage. Easy ordering, fast delivery and easy to put together. Our piggies are very happy. Will be a returning customer in the near future to extend. Thank you.

Emily (Friday, May 30 14 11:43 pm BST)
Couldn’t be happier with my 2×5 cage with a loft! My two boys are so happy and have sooo much space! Haven’t seen then use the loft yet however out some goodies up there and they went so they obviously can use it! Highly recommend! Good service, quick delivery!

alex (Wednesday, May 28 14 11:00 am BST)
hi i have to say a big thank you for my [email protected] cage my piggy’s love it.

lauren (Thursday, May 22 14 04:03 pm BST)
Hassle-free transaction, and great, quick communication! I ordered my cage on Friday and it’s already here! I can’t wait to make it up – it looks like it’s going to be amazing! Thanks so much. 🙂 I can’t recommend this website enough!! xxx

Stacey (Wednesday, May 21 14 07:48 am BST)
I am a returning customer of C & C Cages I think the product is brilliant. It’s great quality that lasts for a very long time, super fast delivery, quick communications between replies, website is easy to navigate around and price charges are not to high.
I would recommend your company to anybody who is looking to build a C and C cage.
Many thanks… 🙂

(Thursday, May 15 14 10:40 pm BST)
Great service, quick delivery and product exactly as advertise. We bought a 6×2 standard cage and are thrilled with it. So pleased that we bought a c and c cage, it is a joy to watch the Guinea Pigs running around in their new home. Thank you 🙂

Lisa Galloway
(Wednesday, May 14 14 11:12 pm BST)
Our cage arrived 3days after ordering, transaction was smooth and easy and Angela answered all my questions. We ordered a 5×2 cage for my 2 piggies and they love the space. Very easy to put together and am considering getting them a loft in the next few months.
Oh and the piggies love the big box it came in, makes floor time great fun!!

(Monday, May 12 14 05:27 pm BST)
Excellent cage, excellent communication. Thanks for all your help,our piggies are very happy now! 🙂

Jennifer Harris
(Saturday, May 10 14 03:16 pm BST)
Our cage arrived yesterday. I ordered a 2×4 c&c with a loft and stand.
Took about 1.5 hours to assemble by myself, and was nice and clear to assemble.
They both love the space and are very happy. Neither have used the loft yet, so may buy a fabric tunnel to coax them up.
Angela always replied to my emails with all my questions and all in all myself and my 2 girl piggies are very pleased.

Would defiantly recommend! I am thrilled 😀

Kate (Wednesday, May 07 14 06:05 pm BST)
Really happy with the 2×5 cage so are my piggies, they’re enjoying all the space id defo recommend to anybody looking to buy a c and c cage they’re way better than a store bought cage. Thank you so much for the great service 🙂

Nicholas (Thursday, May 01 14 04:41 pm BST)
Our cage with a loft was easy to assemble and very nice. Lot’s of space and having 2 boars the loft gives our more submissive boar “Pip” a good place to relax on his own, especially as our more assertive boar “Scruffles” seems a bit nervous of heights, however he does still venture up to the loft occasionally!
It’s also very nice to be able to lean over and pet them rather than having to open a cage door!

Excellent cage, much better than any pet shop, we would recommend to anyone looking.

Emma Korta (Wednesday, April 30 14 06:17 pm BST)
I ordered a 2×4 with a loft. Really helpful with the information. Speedy service even arranged to have it delivered on certain date! Will defiantly recommend them to more people. Easy to put together. George is really happy in his new home. Thanks xx

Claire Allott (Saturday, April 26 14 06:13 pm BST)
The cage was dispatched quickly and was well packed. Our two boys, Boris and Bertie, love their new 5 by 2 home and after a week, they have now gained confidence to use their 2 by 1 loft space. They have the space to run extremely quickly and seem very happy in it. Thank you.

patsy Taylor (Wednesday, April 16 14 01:59 pm BST)
BRILLIANT AS USUAL . Quick delivery very helpful at answering questions. All round excellent service. Highly recommended

Andy (Tuesday, April 15 14 08:36 pm BST)
Fantastic service, answered all my questions quickly and cage arrived in no time at all, more importantly guinea pigs seem really happy in their new home. Thank you very much, would certainly recommend you.

Bethan (Wednesday, April 09 14 09:39 am BST)
Fantastic Cage, my Piggies love it, outstanding service, next day delivery, thank you so much!!! Highly Recomended!!!! X

Ryan Ogilvie (Monday, April 07 14 09:15 pm BST)
Fantastic service, ordered on the Monday and received on the Wednesday!! Great communication throughout, with prompt responses to questions I had. Cage is fantastic (5 x 2 with lid) and sure our new arrivals will love it. It was really easy to put together and am looking forward to extending it in the future with a loft and stand. Would commend C & C Cages to anyone. Thank you.

Virginia Mackay (Saturday, April 05 14 12:56 pm BST)
Thank you for the speedy deliver of our c and c cage. Reasonably easy to put together.
Our girls love it. Lots of pop corning and happy noises. Much more space than pet store cage.

Christine (Friday, April 04 14 09:49 am BST)
Tamsin and Alice are running and popcorning all over the new home.The space is amazing! Thank you for a first class professional service with amazing delivery time!

Kathryn (Monday, March 31 14 09:26 am BST)
Such great service and such a lovely cage, my guinea pigs absolutely love it and I’d definitely recommend this over any pet shop cage.
We found that the width of our cage (2 grids) was a little too wide, but by overlapping the grids, rescorring the correx and adding a few more cable ties you can make pretty much make any size adjustments you need to (you can also do the same with the loft) – so it’s worked out really well for us.

Would definitely recommend this cage and company to others.

Alice (Saturday, March 29 14 08:46 am GMT)
Oh wow this cage is perfect. It was really easy to set up (even for me) and is very sturdy. The service was quick and helpful. I will definitely be using this company again if I decide to expand.

Uli (Friday, March 28 14 10:45 pm GMT)
Our cage arrived today and is excellent (2×3 with 2×1 loft), it was easy to set up and the boys seem to enjoy the extra space. I can feel extension projects coming up in the future…
V good service and communication. Many thanks !

Dawn (Thursday, March 27 14 06:54 am GMT)
I am really happy with my cage as it offers so much room. You just can’t buy a cage like that in any pet shop. Great service and communication throughout. I have two very happy Pigs. Thank you 🙂

Jennifer Malley (Sunday, March 23 14 10:28 am GMT)
fantastic cage easy to set up and my two girls love it. so glad we changed they have so much more room and love they can come and see us easier. excellent communication, so helpful.

Claudia (Wednesday, March 19 14 07:59 pm GMT)
Great service, prompt delivery. We got our first C&C cage last year and I would definitely recommend them. So easy to put together, space is easy to divide and/or extend to accommodate ever changing requirements of our piggies! And so much more spacious than “traditional” cages.

Jane Cottle (Wednesday, March 12 14 07:35 pm GMT)
Great cage – really good customer service – they dispatched immediately for arrival in time for children’s birthdays – very grateful thank you. Would highly recommend this product and company.

Neil Coleman (Tuesday, March 11 14 08:27 pm GMT)
Excellent service and communication from first enquiry to delivery. The cage arrived on time and took about and hour to set up. We have a 3*2 plus loft. This style is so much better than traditional shop cages. More space for the guinea pigs and the lack of roof makes it far more enjoyable to be able to see them.

Katie (Tuesday, March 04 14 08:48 pm GMT)
Great service very quick and straight forward to put together. Piggies seem to be very happy with all the extra space, would recommend.

Amber Peters (Monday, February 17 14 10:49 pm GMT)
Wonderful service, thank you so much. The new cage is so spacious. Blossom, Amigo and Yolo Swaggins are popcorning away all over the place with much enthusiasm. Highly recommended.

claire walker (Monday, February 17 14 06:26 pm GMT)
Bought two 2×6, its so nice for the pigs to be able to run about 24/7. Just bought a few more baby pigs so will be buying a further 6×2 pen soon as want all of our pigs to have a spacious home!I managed to put the pens together by myself, we bought lids but took them off as prefer without, the lids can be dismantled for divides if needed.Will be using this company again!

mags (Sunday, February 16 14 03:13 pm GMT)
Excellent cage, loads of room for guinea pigs – very happy

Barry Morrison (Saturday, February 15 14 11:18 am GMT)
I’m really pleased with the cage and I’m very happy with the communication throughout. I have a 2×6 with a divide in the middle so my 2 dominant boys can still talk to each other. I would definitely use this company again.

Nikolaos Kapakoglou (Thursday, February 13 14 11:13 am GMT)
Got my 3×2 cahe with double 2×1 loft yesterday. Took about an hour to set it up (really easy to do by myself), Huge improvement compared to the previous pet-store bought cage. My boys like it already (slowly exploring it). Would really recommend this company. Great service, fast delivery and good communication.

Alanna (Thursday, February 13 14 10:22 am GMT)
I didn’t want to review too early but my opinion is still the same as day 1 the cage is great! I have 3.5 x 2 with a 2×1 loft for my 2 guinea pigs which is a perfect size for them. Day 1 of my girls being in the new cage they were pop corning around it which was a defo sign of approval from them which is the main thing. I’ve done my first full clean of the cage which was great it was so easily done and had more than halfed the time it use to be which is a great bonus. I would advise anyone thinking about it to get one without a doubt! 10/10 from my guinea pigs Elphaba & Letticia =)

Clare Miles (Wednesday, February 05 14 10:19 pm GMT)
Really pleased with the 2×6 cage with 2×1 loft for my three boy guineas who were getting a bit ratty with each other in their smaller cage and took over our conservatory floor much of the time, to give them more room.They are much happier now and enjoying the space. One or two problems with connectors but Angela sorted everything really quickly and the cage and stand is looking good and we now have space in the conservatory again for ourselves, with things all tidied away underneath.

Would definitely recommend this company. Very good service and very patient with answering all my questions.

Tricia (Wednesday, February 05 14 11:48 am GMT)
wonderful service and very pleased with cage. thoroughly recommend this cage its huge

Tricia (Wednesday, February 05 14 11:45 am GMT)
lovely big roomy huge cage ,my piggies have just moved in. Still very shy.wonderful service. Thank you

Yve W (Tuesday, February 04 14 06:05 pm GMT)
Absolutely Thrilled! Wish I could post a picture to let you know how great it looks.Piggies love it and so do I. Great communications and service, Many Thanks!

SZ (Saturday, February 01 14 06:48 pm GMT)
We ordered a 4×2 cage with a loft which arrived quickly, it was reasonably easy to put together and Angela was very helpful answering our queries. Very pleased with the cage and would recommend this company for their excellent service, Thankyou

Claire (Thursday, January 30 14 11:43 pm GMT)
Thank you so much. Thrilled with the cage. It arrived, on Wednesday, instructions were easy to follow and managed to put it together on my own in about an hour. My piggies love it. Many thanks

Clare Gilfillan (Thursday, January 30 14 09:03 pm GMT)
We have had an excellent service from this company and are very happy with our purchase. We have a 5×2 cage with a 2×2 loft for our three GPs and now realise how little space they had in their previous home. They are using the whole of the space, loving the ramp up to the loft and now have time to exercise all day if they please so much happier GPs. It was easy to put together and everything that was needed was provided. I can’t recommend highly enough, especially for the price to space ratio, you’re getting far more space for your money than with typical cages. We have also bought cage liners which in the long run will be cheaper than sawdust and make me sneeze less! Thank you!

Laura (Monday, January 27 14 06:24 pm GMT)
I got the 2×5 cage in green and it is absolutely brilliant. My guineas have never been so happy. It was quick in arriving and it did not take long to assemble. My three guineas penny, peaches and bella love it and I have never saw them popcorn so much.
Thanks 🙂

Keith Boyd (Friday, January 24 14 07:36 pm GMT)
Fantastic service. I’d like to thank Angela for all her help. The cage arrived quickly and wasn’t too much trouble to assemble. I bought a 2×4 with a 1×2 loft. Got my two girls into their new cage and saw bubbles popcorning so I guess she likes it! They were apprehensive of the ramp at first but after a bit of coaxing they’re tearing up and down it now. Great value for the money and so pleased with the service provided. I would highly recommend purchasing from Angela and Jason and will be buying a stand from them in the near future. Thanks again.

Bewitched (Tuesday, January 21 14 10:41 pm GMT)
WOW the cage is amazing! Fairly easy to put together, next day delivery after dispatch. My daughters 3 Piggies love it, popcorning galore lol. Fantastic home for indoor piggies!!!

Natasha Trace (Sunday, January 19 14 11:38 am GMT)
My piggies absolutely love their new home, good bye to stuffy dark hutches. I’m not great at putting stuff together but managed it with no problems. Thank you