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C and C Guinea Pig Cages
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by Rebecca Quinlan on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Brilliant Cage

I ordered this cage on the 7th May, and it arrived on the 27th May. It did state there was a delay with the current situation, it was so easy to build. I am more than happy with the cage for our male guinea pigs and would definitely recommend.

by Paige Clifford on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Great value for money, saved having to try and locate all the bits myself and probably getting it wrong. Just placed an order for another 2x4 as we have two separate boars who live next to eachother. So much bigger than the shop brought cages and looks much nicer too.

by Katy on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Really easy to put together. My piggies love it and so do I

by Harry on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

The best customer service I have ever had from any company I have ever dealt with. I do not often leave reviews but I feel it's owed to this company. The product is perfect and the customer service they offer is higher then you could or should ever expect. I my self have worked in customer service role for over 20 years and I am more then happy to recommend this company to all.

by Carly on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Best Guinea Pig Accommodation

Been looking for an alternative cage compared to the usual cages. This feels like there is more freedom and not as caged in. Bought the 2x5 with a 2x2 loft, there's so much room. So easy to put together, no problems. Looks great, awesome alternative to the usual. Communications been good when I had a question. Thank you. Can't wait to get my piggies into it 🙂

by Louise Dye on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
2x3 with loft

Bought the 2x3 with the loft for my guinea pigs a few weeks ago, very quick and easy to put together. This is the first one I’ve ever bought and guinea pigs really love it. Very happy with the purchase.

by Farah on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing !

Our 2 guinea pigs absolutely love how much space they have ! We bought a 2x4 cage (thinking it would be too small) but it’s absolutely perfect. So easy to put together and has a really professional touch to it. Thank you so much, you have 3 very satisfied customers who are currently running around and popcorning x

by Peter Hooper on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Cafes for Rabbits

My wife and daughter have two bunnies and after initially looking at the standard type cages we discovered C and C Cages and loved the idea of the freedom these cages would give the bunnies. Ordered the 4x2 option with a couple of hay racks too and some extra correx. Angela was very responsive and helpful and after placing the order the cage arrived within a few days and exactly as informed. Very impressive especially under the current Covid circumstances.

They are very easy to put together and with the connectors and cable ties supplied are very stable too. They also look great. It's excellent to have the flexibility to be able to configure them any way you wish and not be bound by anything other than your own imagination and available space.

The rabbits love their new homes and are much happier than would be the case if restricted in a standard cage where they rely on you getting them out into external runs. These cages enable them to run around to their hearts desire and get plenty of excercise.

I will definitely be placing further orders to add to their little kingdoms 😁

Thanks Angela and Jason for such an excellent product and first class service👍

by Donna & Tom on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
5×2 stacking cage with 2 loft

Hi, thank you. We bought a 5×2 stacking cage with 2
loft 2×2,all my piggys are very happy, love running around.
So easy to build and thank you for emailing how to build the
lofts and stacking. Best cage we've ever bought thank you.

by Karlei on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing Cages

This is my first time buying from this company and I am in love. Everything came in the time frame given even throughout these tough times. My guinea pigs are especially in love with their new homes! They look so much happier and free to popcorn everywhere. The cages are great they’re bigger than I expected (I got 2X4) but a perfect size to L shape my room. Takes up next to no space when is in the format I’ve put it in. I could go on endlessly about how happy I am. Thank you so much!

by Elizabeth Mitchell on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Great value for money, good quality, prompt delivery, easy to assemble (although ramp for loft wasn't quite so easy, but that's just me being stupid I think). It's everything I could have wanted at an affordable price. I now have very happy guinea pigs. Thank you x

by Reanna on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Bought 2x3 cage and it’s amazing

I bought a 2x3 cage for my guinepigs and it’s amazing super easy to to put together
Great communication from order to deliverly
Thankyou so much I have 2 very happy piggies

by Gavin jones on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Amazing product. We had the 5x2 with 2x2 loft really pleased with quality. Thank you

by Megan goodall on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
I love this!

I’ve been searching high and low for a quality cage that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I’ve got the 3x2 cage and it’s roomy enough for my piggy,cookie. It’s sturdy, and escape proof, and my piggy loves it and so do I!!!

by Shannon Hill on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4 months of use, proving to be a fantastic cage

I asked for a new cage for my piggies for Christmas and received one as a belated present at the start of January. I set it up immediately and I absolutely love it, the piggies do too!
I chose the 2 x 3 cage with a stand and 1 x 2 loft which fits well in the space we have and the piggies love how open it is and we've found it easier to socialise them and get them used to our contact because of the ease of access also.
My last cage was a nightmare to clean out due to a small door, I'm so happy with how easily I can clean this cage, it's far less of an ordeal now and much easier to ensure it is 100% sanitary too.
I'm so glad I found these cages an I can't wait to expand on what we have. I'm thinking a nice 2 x 6 cage to use as a run that we can move to other areas of the house and garden when we can keep an eye on them!
The only improvement I can think of for this cage would be some form of clip to make it easier for travel and moving (orThis isn't the end of the world but I do think I'll be looking at 3D printing some form of clip for mine for this job.

by Gemma on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great cage

It is a great cage would buy again just the instructions haven’t got the best pictures the base is easy to get done but if you are getting a 2x2 loft it does say how to actually do it and on the email it says how to attach the bars but altogether it is a great cheap big cage for your piggies. My guinea pigs love it they were popcorning like crazy recommend a loft as you get more space.

by S J on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great cage

I recently brought the 2 by 4 cage for my two teenage boars and they love it. We had it up in our flat and it was perfect. Then with COVID 19 we had to move out of the town due to us needing to seriously self isolate and the cage packed up easily. Now we are in the country and the piggies are super happy we’ve just had to order them a stand and a lid to keep them safe from the two dogs we are staying with. This cage is amazing, easy to assemble, and it provides the best space. I bought nibble guards which were tricky to attach but totally worth it. Worth the purchase and the cages are much better than the ones you buy from pet stores. Highly recommend!! From happy piggies and happy staff (aka piggies owners).

by Sam Mannering on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
New cage

Love the c&c cage. My piggies are so much happier lots of lovely space. Easy to install and you delivered within 48 hours. Highly recommend.

by Daniel on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and C 5x2

Good communication. Cage of a good quality helpful instructions allowed easy set. So if you are looking for a cage for your piggies. You can’t go wrong. Patch and Marley can’t get over the space they now have

by Deb on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Fantastic service. Quick reply’s after many e mails and love the cage ! Can’t fault them. Now have 2 very happy piggys

Excellent service. Fast at replying to emails. Quick at posting.
Fantastic cage . Would definitely recommend.

by Lisa on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Cage is absolutely amazing

Brought this cage for my two beautiful girls, they absolutely adore it, popcorn everywhere, id highly recommended these cages there perfect, will be buying again as i have 4 more piggies 🙂

by Daniel Mills on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Delivery would have been quick in normal circumstances but considering what’s going on it was fantastic! Piggies are so happy already! All round good product (bigger than I expected oops). Would 100% say to get the nibble protectors. Thank you so much 😊

by Mel on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Order placed online, dispatched quickly, good communication and the product is amazing. My guinea pigs are going to love it. Highly recommended

by Jack Evans on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

We’ve had our cage around 1.5 weeks and our two piggies live all the open space! Really fast delivery and super easy to construct. The instructions are difficult to read in black and white (the picture that is) but that is so minor and would definitely order extras from here

by Kevin Hyde on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Another excellent cage

Already proud owner of a 4x2 with loft, but wanted more guinea pigs, so purchased a second 4x2 to stack on top of current setup. Really easy to assemble and solid too. Now just wait to adopt the right boys to live in it now.

As always service and communication was top notch throughout the purchase and delivery. Can’t recommend C and C Guinea Pig Cages enough.

by Olivia G on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Love it!

So happy with this cage! It looks great and the instructions were easy to follow. My piggies love it! Thank you for such quick delivery from dispatch and for emailing over some instructions for my loft!

by Bev Burton on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
CandC Guinea Pig Cages

On behalf of MGK and Lilith I would like to say how pleased and over the moon they are with their new cage a 2 x 5 which has plenty of room for them to explore and run around. Cage arrived the day after despatch easy to build but needed a bit of thought to get the nibble guards onto the correx..bit of fairy liquid and hey presto all done. Saving up now to get the loft extension ..extremely pleased with the set up ..thank you x

by Chelsea on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Fantastic cage, easy to piece together. The delivery time was great, received the day after confirmation the order was processed. Would definitely recommend this company and style of cage.

by Adam McIntyre on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Just Incredible!!

So amazing. Fast response from team, fast dispatch and delivery. Incredibly simple to put together due to all provided bits! From myself and the three piggies, THANK YOU!!!!

by Bethan Parry on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing super C&C cage with loads of room

So pleased I found your website advertised in my Guinea pig Magazine. I ordered a 6x2 cage. Order arrived a week later. Took me and Dad about an hour to put it all together. My boys love it! Can't believe they have so much room! They think they're in a mansion would order from you again! You have made my day. Thank you so much. 💗❤

by Nichola Towers on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Easy to set up

The item arrived the day after dispatch. The cage was easy to set up just needed an extra pair of hands to tape the base. I got a 2 x 3 for my guinea pig who is now indoors due to an injury. This is the first indoor cage I have had but I am very happy with the price and quality.

by Andrew on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Quality

We've had 3 cages from here now plus loft extensions on 2 of them and all our boys love them. They are much bigger than you typically get and easier to keep clean. Our first cage is now 2 years old and still as good as new and the 3rd was just delivered today and they haven't changed at all. Highly recommended.

by Tim Smith on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Great cage and very fast delivery - many thanks 🙂

by Joanna on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Loft - great extra room

Wanted to give my piggies some more space, an extra workout and abit more of an adventure. The loft gives them that. By using the loft as a feeding area, this will encourage them to get use to the ramp and initially I shall place some fresh food on it to entice them. With the bottom area free of bowls, they have more space to popcorn around in. Thanks C&C Cages - great product.

by Holly on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing love it

Absolutely wonderful my Guinea pigs love it
Was really fast delivery easy to contact and quick with responses couldn’t be more happier x

by Lindsay on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing space for my piggies

Love the c and c cages! So much space for my piggies. They haven't stopped popcorning and running around. I had a 2x5 with a 2x2 loft but I just upgraded to a 2x6 with a 2x2 loft and it's amazing! I couldn't be happier. I recommend this style of cage highly and the service is great!

by Finn on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great quality!

Everything about the cage is perfect and as I expected. Super spacious and easy to set up. My only problem was with the delivery; the package arrived on the day it was supposed to but the driver left our package with neighbors at the other end of our street and didn't leave a note to say where it had been sent.

by Kate on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Super easy order process and quick delivery! Bought the 4x2 cage for my 2 boy guinea pigs and it was amazingly easy to assemble. They have so much more room than standard pet store cages! We love it so much I am now working on a super large c and c for my ladies! Already ordered lots more grids! Can’t recommend highly enough! Big thanks from me, Virgil and Quill!!

by margaretellen Trickey on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
5x2 crid cage

One very happy daughter, we had fun putting it up, it was so easy, since we have put her two guinea pigs in they are loving it always popcorning and running around they are loving life.

by Lois on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

I'm so happy with my boys new cage and the boys haven't stopped popcorning since going into their new home. I have never seen them so happy. Building it was super easy and it looks amazing.

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