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C and C Guinea Pig Cages
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 539 reviews
by Lizzie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

So pleased with the cage I are the piggies!! Website easy to navigate and ordering easy and straightforward. Assembly easy too. Would definitely recommend  the c&c cages

by Barbara Jackson on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C&C cage

Nice well made cage with lid. Piggies love it.

by Marie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4 x 2 Loft cage

Excellent service, my daughters guinea pigs are only 4 months old and have been popcorning around and just love the space. Cage is easy to erect, sturdy and very practical. Will be buying further items in the future.

by Daisy on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent service.

Excellent service from start to finish, have made a few orders now and always been great, quick and reliable. The cages themselves are very good we have now ordered 4. You won’t be disappointed.

by Rosie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Hi! So first of all thank you guys so much for helping via email. Built it all and it was great however I needed to use approx 30 more cable ties. Now it is SOLID as I put cable ties at the bottom middle and top of each couple of connecting panels. Other than that the whole thing is brilliant - very impressed with the way the correx is secured together! Will be back for another one for my other piggies soon! I also didn’t realise the delivery would take over a week but I should have checked your delivery info part on your website. All in all I do recommend it definitely was easier than buying all the parts from scratch and honestly not that much more expensive. Thanks again.

by Sue Ward on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4 x 2 Cages with 2 x 2 loft.

I Have just receiced this cage. I love it so do my Guinea Pigs. I did find the loft a bit big to get unerneath to clean it so we made it a little bit smaller which is alot better.It was easy to set up and i am very happy with it also my Guinea Pigs.
Thank you.

by Joanne on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing quality!

I have just set up our 5x2 with a loft and stand. It was very easy to set up. Instructions were so easy to follow. It took around an hour to set up completely. My guinea pigs absolutely LOVE having all this space. The only downside is the wait for delivery. But it's totally worth the wait.

by Claire Ratcliffe on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Excellent cage

I purchased a stacked 2x4 cage for my two pairs of guineas and we all love it! I chose this one over other sites I had seen as i saw that it included support bars. The bars are really sturdy and i am very happy with the structure of the cage. It is withstanding alot of popcorning already! Thank you so much!

by Tamara on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

We just received our new 2x5 with a 2x2 loft, and we are all very happy! It took 20 min to assemble following the instructions. Barry is so happy now and we are ready to look now for a roommate! Thanks so much!!!

by Kerry Milne on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Cages!

Fantastic C&C Cage, communication was excellent and instructions with regard to order requests/delivery times being in date order were very clear and cage arrived on time. We ordered a 2 x 4 Grid Cage with a 2 x 2 loft, perfect size for two sows who love the space they now have.

by Hayleigh on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Ordered the loft part to give my girls more space, very fast delivery, lovely customer service
Highly recommended

by Heidi on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C&C Cage

Thank you for my C&C cage set up. My guniea pigs Lila and Blossom love there cage. Come complete with everything. Great comunication via email. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you 😘

by Sophie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Lovely cage

Came two days after been dispatched. Amazing quality and some very happy popcorning piggies
Thanks so much

by Ashleigh on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

This cage was really quick and easy to assemble. The cage is huge and my piggy’s haven’t stopped zooming around and popcorning ever since going in. The ramp is amazing for their nails too.
The company were amazing in dealing with a delivery issue I had with quick responses. Great customer service!
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking into c&c cages.

by Rachel Denbigh-White on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

The girls love their new cage so much space and looks great. Thank you 😁

by Lesley Davison on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Very spacious

The best thing about these cages is the space! Simon and Garfunkel love racing around and the ramp is great. It is a little fiddly to put together but well worth the effort. I agree with another review that having to tape the loft together is something to work on. It is the best cage we’ve had and the boys are frequently popcorning their way round it!!!

by Bettina on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Very pretty

I’ve got my cage this week and it’s look soo nice and my piggies are loving it 😊 We had a little problem with a delivery but as soon as I emailed to them they responded straight away and solved a problem!

My piggies can’t stop pop-corning in it !
Thank you 🤩

by Catherine Betts on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and C cage

Delighted with the C and C guinea pig cage I recently purchased. Very easy to order from website. Cage was easy to set up and offers my three guinea pigs loads of space. I bought a stand as well which provides great storage space. Cage is very easy to clean out. Definitely recommend.

by Louise Sandford on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great quality product excellent service

We love the home we have built for our guinea pig boys Otis and Milo. They have lots of room to run around and it was fairly easy for my husband and son to put together. Its easy to clean and we are all very happy with our purchase.

by Angela on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Good product and responsive to emails

Great product and service, responsive to emails too when asked questions. Product arrived as promised and my children put it together alone (12 &7). Our pigs are really happy inside, lots of space. We have plans to covert a loft for them next !

by Tash on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and c cage

Lovely cage and so easy to put together. My 4 piggies are very happy and so I am so much easier to clean out. And looks so much tidier than what we had before. Have also recommended to my sister in law 🙂

by Jo on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

The cage, 4x2, is great and our guinea pig girls love it so much already. I received a very speedy response to my communication. The whole process was very easy. Thank you! Definitely recommend.

by Tracy Rogers on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

We received our stacking cage and we are really pleased with it super easy to put together and my guinea pigs got so much more room they love it well recommended will definitely shop on here again

by Susan on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
2x4 with loft and lid

Communication was excellent, little disappointed that the loft has to be held together with tape? Guinea pigs love the new set up, we added extra cable ties as one of our kitties tried to walk on the roof. Kitty’s now banned from the room. All three of my piggies are the happiest I’ve ever seen them, had to order nibble protectors today as they have made short work of eating the edges of the ramp and the loft. Hopefully the protectors will stop any further damage.

Thanks for your review. We are gradually introducing rivets to secure the correx in place. I will email you.

by Katie Howell on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
4x2 cage and stand

Our boys, Mickey and Pluto, love their new home. Mummy does too! Excellent value for money and very simple to put together.
Mickey and Pluto are rescue piggies and Vicky, from RSPCA Walsall recommended your website to us.
The corex is a dream to clean and the boys have lots of space to rest and play.
Flawless ordering and delivery.
Thank you Angie and Jason, fantastic product and customer service 😃

by Bekka on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
3x2 cage

Got my cage today. Been plenty of communication and updates about delivery dates etc. I set the cage up today, it is a bit fiddly but i got another pair of hands in and it was fine. My piggies love it! I got the loft as well which they cant get enough of so it was so worth it. Thank you!

by Becky gill on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Amazing piggie home

What can I say apart from wow! In love with the cage and most importantly my two girls are. Very easy to put together, did it on my own took about a hour. Had to pass on your details as so many people have asked were I purchased it from. . Thank you 😊

by Amber on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

I have bought from here a cage previously and had to downsize. The communication with you was brilliant and i was able to order what i needed with no issues. Delivery was speedy and quality of item great! Would recommend.

by Clare on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

We ordered the 2x4 with 2x2 loft. Fair price and easy to order. It came today & my partner set it up (we haven’t used the loft just yet) cortex all cut and sorted & included in the price. When the cage was set up my piggies loved it. The space to run & popcorn. Enough room for many hides and tunnels with a hay corner. Thank you so much. Will be ordering from here first when I need more things. ❤️❤️

by Tracey Alexander on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
2 x 4 cage

Just built this today, great service, great delivery information.

My wee baby boys love it and did the popcorn dance 😁 100% recommend these set ups!!! 👍

by Toni Glenn on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

So easy to put together, got a 5x2 with a stand which is great for storage and has doubled my boys cage area compared to their pet shop bought cage. Very happy guinea pig momma!

by Sophie on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

Very happy and impressed with the cage !

by Sara Smith on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great guinea pig cage

I love my new cage. It’s so great to see my guinea pigs enjoying all that extra space! Great service and delivery too. Thank you

by Monifa on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Cage! C and C 4x2 with loft

This cage was great, adaptable, easy to put up and great value for money! I'm so happy about the look the space and the dispatch times! Could not wish for anything better and the piggies seem to like it!!

We adopted two older piggies and they couldn't manage the loft but we used the correx to make a 2x1 extension on the ground floor and it worked amazingly!

by Kim on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Cage, stand, boxes

Fantastic cage 4x2 cage with loft, we ordered on 12th December and received our cage today this was along time however due to Christmas and the Covid situation we understand why. The items we revived are amazing and our two piggies absolutely love it as soon as we put them in they new home they were squeaking and popcorn around the cage... very happy customers and piggies. Thank you so much.

by Amie Davis on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
C and c 4x2

Very impressed with our new cage. Very quick and easy to assemble and super sturdy! Guinea pig love it too!

by Hayley on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

My guinea pigs love this cage

by Liz on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
c and c cage

Brilliant cage, wish I'd got one earlier. Both my piggies love it and it's easy to clean out, would recommend it. I got a 2+4 cage with stand, loft and lid, both pigs used the loft as soon as they were put in the cage and seem completely at home.

by Elaine Hamilton on C and C Guinea Pig Cages

After a lot of reading up on what was best for guinea pigs, I purchased a 4x2 C&C cage with a 2x2 loft, ramp and stand for our 2 new boys! I am so glad I purchased the cage from yourselves. The quality is fab and the price was the cheapest I could find without doing it myself. The cage came fast and was easy to put together. Thank you so much for our cage, it is amazing! We love it and so do our 2 baby boys Ron and Reg.

by Alison on C and C Guinea Pig Cages
Great Home for New Pets

After lots of research and a recommendation for a C&C cage, we are thrilled with our purchase and so too our new family pets. After arriving on time, it was extremely easy to assemble.
We love the open aspect, so we can easily interact with our Guinea Pigs and it's very accessible to feed and clean them. They too have settled very quickly into their new home.
An excellent product and would thoroughly recommend.

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