2×3 grids, single-level,open-top indoor guinea pig cage.

Suitable for 1-2 guinea pigs. This is the minimum size for 1 or 2 bonded guinea pigs.

SAFE GRIDS – 9×9 hole 35.5cm wire grids ( powder coated & safe inner holes )

LARGE CAGE – Exterior 112cm x 77cm assembled. Interior 105cm x 70cm = approx 7.5 square feet of cage space.

MODULAR – C&C guinea pig can be extended and combined to suit your space. Add a stand with storage. Use a lid if you have other pets.

EASY TO CLEAN AND ACCESS – 15cm correx walls. The perfect height to keep bedding contained, good visibility, airflow and safety. Flat storage for easy transport. Wipes clean with regular cage cleaners.

EASY ASSEMBLY – Pre-cut 4mm thick sturdy correx, photo instructions.

COMPLETE CAGE KITS – Correx, grids, connectors and ties all included. C&C loft kits include correx and ramp. Solid plastic ramps are now supplied with white lofts.

2 x 3 Grid Cage


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