***New BABY BARS now available!***
Baby proofing your C&C cage.
C&C cages with 15cm high correx walls and 9 square by 9 square grids ( with 3.5mm holes ) are the perfect spacious homes for guinea pigs. However new baby guinea pigs can pass right through these grid openings. You must baby proof your cage if you have young guinea pigs ( roughly under 6 months of age ).
You can either
* make the correx walls temporarily higher (23cm is recommended) using cardboard or correx OR
* double up the grids by overlapping them OR
* buy our new ‘baby bars’ which have much smaller holes and ensure that the youngest guinea pigs cannot get their heads stuck
* do NOT use internal grids as hayrack when you have guinea pigs under 6 months old

To add baby bars to the cage walls instead of the standard grids please email for a price.

We now deliver to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Delivery costs £25 and takes 3-6 working days from dispatch.

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