Can Guinea Pigs Escape from C&C Cages?

Can Guinea Pigs Escape from C&C Cages?

C and C cages for guinea pigs have gained popularity over the years due to their customisable design, spaciousness, and affordability. These cages, also known as Cubes and Coroplast / Correx cages, provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for our furry friends. But a question that often arises among guinea pig owners is: Can guinea pigs escape from these C&C cages? Read on to find out…..

Understanding C&C Cages

Before we address the question of escape, it’s important to understand what C&C cages are. These indoor guinea pig cages are made using wire grid cubes (the ‘Cubes’ part of the name) and a plastic sheet material called Coroplast / Correx (the ‘C’ in the name). The benefit of these cages lies in their flexibility; you can easily assemble them into various shapes and sizes depending on your space availability or the number of pets you have.

The wire grids are typically secured together with connectors or cable ties, forming the cage’s sides. The Coroplast / Correx sheet is then folded into a tray-like base that fits inside the wire cube structure. This design provides ample ventilation, easy cleaning, and plenty of room for your guinea pigs to explore.

Can Guinea Pigs Escape from C&C Cages?

The simple answer is yes; they can potentially escape if certain precautions aren’t taken. However, with proper setup and maintenance, it’s highly unlikely.

Guinea pigs are not known for their climbing skills like hamsters or rats. They are more ground-dwelling creatures who prefer running around rather than attempting vertical escapes. However, they do have strong hind legs which they can use to jump over low barriers if motivated enough by fear or curiosity.

The standard height for C&C cages is usually 36cm which is typically too high for a guinea pig to jump over. However, if the cage’s sides are lower or if there are objects within the cage that can be used as a stepping stone (like hidey houses or toys), then there’s a chance your guinea pig might escape.

Preventing Escapes from C&C Cages

To ensure your guinea pigs stay safely within their C&C cages, here are some tips:

1. Maintain the Recommended Height: Always ensure that the sides of your C&C cage are at least 36cm high. This height is generally too tall for guinea pigs to jump over.

2. Monitor Cage Accessories: Check that there aren’t any items close to the cage walls that your pet could use as a springboard. If you have toys or hideouts in the cage, place them towards the center rather than near the edges.

3. Secure the Cage Properly: Ensure all connectors and cable ties are securely fastened so there aren’t any gaps through which your guinea pig could squeeze out.

4. Consider a Lid: If you have other pets in your home like cats or dogs, it might be wise to add a lid to your C&C cage for added security.


C and C cages for guinea pigs offer an excellent housing solution due to their spaciousness and flexibility. While it’s possible for guinea pigs to escape from these cages under certain circumstances, with proper setup and maintenance, it’s highly unlikely. By following the tips provided above, you can create a safe and secure environment for your furry friends in their indoor guinea pig cages.

Remember, every pet is unique with its own personality and behaviour traits. Therefore, always monitor how your pet interacts with its environment and make necessary adjustments when needed. After all, our ultimate goal as pet owners is to provide our little companions with a safe, comfortable, and happy home.

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