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Large custom made C&C cages now available in the UK. These kits include everything you need for the complete cage: correx, connectors, ties and ramps.

For the health and well-being of your guinea pigs, these spacious, open cages provide a great home for your pets and allow them to exercise as they please.

Have a look at our range of cages

This is a versatile and great solution.
Customise your cage by adding lofts, lids and stands.
Easy access and easy to clean!
Outdoor Runs
Outdoor runs can be used during the day to let your guinea pigs explore.
Place in a shady position and secure with tent pegs or similar (not included).
Easily assembled using cable ties and can be folded once the lid is removed.
Stacking Cages
If you're stuck for space these stacking cages are a great solution!
Cage Accessories
Purchase hay racks, tunnels and individual grids.
Add a loft to an existing cage

Cage kits include correx scored and cut to size